Top 5 Locations to find Motorcycle Spare Part Wholesalers in Nigeria (updated for 2024)


When people mention these states for Motorcycle spare parts, they understand why. Not everyone can buy from the main 2 sources. You will understand why in this blog post.

Are you new in the motorcycle spare parts business? Then this is a great lesson for you to learn early enough. The faster you learn it, the easier business will be for you. The lesson is this simple – you cannot all buy from the main sources. That is why we have various Motorcycle Spare Part Wholesalers around. This is because motorcycle spare parts are way too many for one person to even have all of them. That is why some retailers focus on some parts while some others focus on other parts. In major motorcycle wholesalers market, we have people who sell only one item and that’s all they sell. For instance, there are some people who sell only Motorcycle tires and tubes. Nothing else. There are also people who sell only one particular motorcycle spare parts wholesale.

Why you cannot buy directly from Motorcycle Spare Parts Importers!

Another lesson is this – you all cannot buy from the importers directly. Let us shock you. Only few people have direct access to importers and this is not even because of money. It is because of principle. When an importer brings in 5 containers of one motorcycle spare parts for wholesales, the last thing they need, is retailers buying one or two pieces. By principle, they want people who will buy the goods in cartons. For some of them, they will let you know the least number of cartons you can buy is ten cartons. So, yes. Money is a factor to consider.

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If you listen to market gist well, there is a gist of people who called a Motorcycle tire importer for one bundle of tire, (a bundle of motorcycle tire is usually 20 pieces tied together). The importer asked again for quantity and they said one bundle. He said no problem and sent them the contact of a retailer in the market and told them to reach the retailer. That he does not sell one bundle. When you call a motorcycle tire importer for instance, buy a quantity that will warrant using a vehicle for taking your market to the park. Not just one bundle.

A bundle of motorcycle tire
Bundles of motorcycle tires

So, what should you consider before choosing a location to buy Motorcycle spare parts?

  • Which location is closest to you? Your choice location has to be close to you. If you ever have to go far, make sure you get the best prices.
  • Is there a sure way of transporting it to you? The hard part of buying from Motorcycle spare parts Wholesalers is that you have to figure out your transportation yourself. The top 5 locations we will list below already have sure means of transporting to other smaller locations.
  • Are you patient enough? There are places that wait one or two months to get the goods they bought. Do you have that much money to wait? Some other locations get their goods in one week. Some locations get their goods the same day. Do you have the money to wait?
  • Can you get all the parts you want from this market? Because of the different motorcycles used in different parts of Africa, some local markets cannot get you all the parts you want. You need a spare parts wholesalers market big enough to find all you want. If the market cannot find you an item, it’s either what you are looking for is not in existence or that is not a big enough Motorcycle Spare Part Wholesalers market for you to work with.

These are your top 5 Locations for Motorcycle Spare Parts in Nigeria and most parts of Africa

You almost already know the #1 spot for Motorcycle Spare Parts wholesalers in Nigeria but again, not all can buy from there. So, let’s get started.

  1. Nnewi – Everyone who is into the motorcycle spare parts business in Nigeria and Africa knows that the biggest market for motorcycle spare parts market is in Nnewi, Anambra state. The market for motorcycle spare parts there is really not some huge market. You can easily be deceived if you visit there because chances are that you will not see signs that lots of activities are going on there except what you will see in normal markets. Let us explain why. Importers don’t use the market for their goods. They simply have stores so they have a presence there. The real business happens in the Importer’s warehouse. And not everyone has access to their warehouse except you are a big buyer. Nnewi supplies to every other location that will be listed after. For some of these locations, Nnewi does not supply all but Nnewi supplies a great percentage. These other locations then supply other places closer to them. Nnewi also supplies to other locations outside Nigeria. These goods sometimes take up to 2 months to get to their destinations.
  2. Lagos – Up next is Lagos. Most people don’t know that Trade fair Aspamda Lagos is a huge hub for Motorcycle spare parts. This is because the Lagos hub basically supplies Lagos and outside Countries. Way back, with some recurrent security issues in the East, big importers who did not feel safe enough moved to Lagos and started using the market there to sell to other African countries. The insecurity issues are no more but they have already built bases there so for business reasons, they stayed back. Lagos also supplies supplies some parts of Nigeria but it is nothing compared to what Nnewi supplies to these parts. Because of the cost of living in Lagos, buying from Lagos could be more expensive except if you buy directly from the importer. Also, the Nnewi market determines what prices the Lagos market would sell. If Nnewi raises their prices, Lagos follows suit.
  3. Kano – Kano holds down the whole Northern part of Nigeria. If you have the money for the quantity that Kano does, then you can buy like others from Nnewi. Basically, Kano buys from Nnewi. Kano buys a bit from Lagos but the cost of moving it down there is high. In fact, it is easier to buy from Nnewi in container loads and move it to Kano as a full container than using Lagos. Nnewi is closer to the North if they use the Enugu route. Once the goods are in Kano, every other Northern state can then go buy from Kano. So if you stay in the Northern part of Nigeria, you are better off buying from Kano than from buying else where. You can try buying directly from the source if you can move the money needed for that. If not, buy from Kano.
  4. Ibadan – Ibadan has always been a hub that supports most Yoruba states. For almost major items – clothing, FMCG, utensils, motorcycle spare parts and motor parts, Ibadan is about the best place to buy from. And this is because, for motorcycle spare parts wholesalers, Ibadan buys from Nnewi. And some from Lagos. But a huge slice is from Nnewi. Nnewi has an easy way to get the goods down to Ibadan but not to other Yoruba states. Ibadan however, has an easy way to send these goods to these Yoruba states. Ogun state sometimes buys from Lagos but it is cheaper for Ogun state to buy from Ibadan than to buy from Lagos. If not for price, when you consider the transportation, you are better off buying from Ibadan. Ibadan also supplies some African countries close by. Majorly the ones we share borders with.
  5. Ilorin – Ilorin is a new spot that is beginning to pull weight as a location. But, not well enough. People from Ilorin still get to buy from Ibadan majorly because as mentioned earlier, the motorcycle spare parts market is huge enough. There are too many parts that most people don’t sell.
40 feet container
What a 40 feet container looks like
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Well, now you know where to buy your motorcycles spare parts from. What’s next?

Now you know these locations to find Motorcycle Spare Part Wholesalers. For the North, try looking at Kano. Anywhere in the West of Nigeria, focus on buying from Ibadan. If you are looking for a reliable big time motorcycle spare parts wholesaler in Ibadan, reach out to Funtua Group. For places like Port Harcourt, Delta etc, try looking for a supplier in your state who buys from Nnewi.

How profitable is the motorcycle spare parts business?

Truth is, this depends on many factors but location is key. If you live where many people use motorcycles, you can be sure to have a lucrative business. If you also sell where many wholesalers sell, you are more likely to make more sales.

How much is motorcycle tire?

There are different types of motorcycle tires that make sit difficult to answer the question with one answer. However, a budget of 8000 naira to 25000 naira will get you a great tire.

How much is motorcycle battery in Nigeria?

For the smallest one, a budget of 6000 naira and above is fairly reasonable price to find a 2.5 battery – the size that the Bajaj uses. Other sizes cost more.


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