How to maintain your Okada Motorcycle in West Africa

Maintained Okada

West Africa is a region with temperatures in the average of 18 degrees Celsius. Because of some changes caused by climate change, rainfall expectation usually varies. Rainfall as well as other accompanying factors – humidity etc. All these natural factors usually have an impact on life in generally. This is the same way they affect vehicles, buses, motorcycles alongside other structures and amenities created and used by man. Considering how we still have to make use of our vehicles, motorcycles and other things regardless of what the weather is, it is becoming important that we understand how to care for them. Let us take a look at the ways we can ensure we keep our Okada motorcycle fit for use in any weather and in all seasons.

Like everything made, there is always a distinct purpose each part of an okada or motorcycle does. This would ensure proper functioning of the machine at all times. Being able to maintain your motorcycle is a key aspect of owning a motorcycle. Proper maintenance would even save you more in the long run than a poorly maintained motorcycle or okada. Maintaining it properly means knowing how to make your motorcycle more efficient and cleaner. These are the aspects of maintenance you should focus on for your okada.

Maintenance is Key
Maintenance is Key

Washing – A clean okada says more about the rider. It shows a person willing to take care of their ride and gives people the subtle confidence to trust their ride with such an okada rider. Because of the combination of metal and plastic in some of the parts of a motorcycle, a pristine clean state may not be achieved. However, a clean okada shows that some effort was put in.

Inspection – It’s always necessary to inspect most parts of your okada daily. Key among the places that needs inspection are the tires of your okada. As we all know the tires bear the burden of the rider and the passenger, so it’s necessary to inspect it critically to prevent mishaps on the road. Check for flat tires, check for too soft tires and very hard tires. All in all, maintain your tires properly.

Oil change in motorcycle
Oil change in motorcycle

Oil change – Something peculiar to vehicles that run on gasoline is the use of oil. Oil helps your engine to run very smoothly and efficiently. It is not recommended for one to ride an okada without checking the oil. A well lubricated motorcycle would serve the owner better and for a longer period of time.

General servicing – Engines need servicing. The frequency of the servicing depends on how frequently the engine is used. The servicing process mostly includes a dismantling of the engines and the components surrounding the engine. Then each component is scrutinized for possible defects and change depending on how much wear and tear it has gone through. The engine is also dismantled and thoroughly cleaned up and oiled. Then these components and the engine are all coupled back making them better fitted for the West African weather.

Taking the time to maintain your motorcycle shows a high level of responsibility as the owner. This responsibility to the motorcycle would be reaped back as the motorcycle lasts for a longer time to the delight of the rider.


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