The Teeth Code: Motorcycles Tires and Tube Complete Guide

gain absolute mastery of motorcycle tires, their designs, sizes and motorcycle tubes.

Motorcycle Tires and Tubes: The Key to Profitability in the Motorcycle Spare Parts Business!

For most, motorcycle tires are just rubber on the road. But for you, an aspiring entrepreneur in the motorcycle spare parts business, they’re essential to your success. One of the most replaced parts in the motorcycle is the tires of motorcycles. Another, is the tubes of motorcycles. They are the ones most exposed to wear and tear so you can be sure they need to be changed as often as possible.

For context, motorcycle tubes last from 1 week of purchase to about 3 or 4 weeks. Motorcycle tires start needing replacement from 3 months of active usage based on the brand, teeth design and quality of the tire.

Here’s the major problem with motorcycle tires. And this is a problem we noticed early in the business. You’ll buy a tire to sell. But the end user comes and demands a different tire. And with users, you’ll hear them mention different names. The names were so different that you will get confused easily. See, all you want to do is sell tires but the person who wants to buy is coming to ask for a particular teeth. It gets quite confusing and if you are not careful, you will get overwhelmed especially since you don’t know which one you’re supposed to buy in stock for potential customers.

Introducing "The Teeth Code: The All-In-One Guide to Motorcycle Tires and Tubes"

The Teeth Code: Motorcycles Tires and Tube Complete Guide

A Comprehensive Picture-based Resource

…that unveils the secrets behind tire teeth patterns, their names, and how to identify the fastest-selling designs in your area. This eBook has all the tire designs sold in the market, their names and how to identify them. You’ll never feel like a learner once you use this eBook to learn about motorcycle tires.

Why is mastering tires and tubes crucial?

Because they’re among the top-selling items in the spare parts industry, offering some of the best profit margins available.

Again, motorcycle tires have a limited lifespan, with most needing replacement within 3 to 9 months of purchase. This constant demand creates a steady stream of potential customers for your business.

But it’s not just about selling tires; it’s about selling the right tires. Tread patterns, known as “teeth designs,” play a vital role in tire performance and longevity. Some designs are more popular than others, and understanding these preferences can unlock a pathway to steady income and massive profits.

In "The Teeth Code," you'll discover:

  • Common motorcycle tire sizes and their applications
  • The most popular tire sizes in the industry
  • The differences between front and rear tire designs
  • How tubes connect with tires and which tubes pair with specific tire sizes
  • An exhaustive visual guide (names and pictures) to all current tire tread patterns and their names


Plus, as a bonus, we’ve included images of popular motorcycle models, complete with their corresponding tire and tube specifications, elevating your expertise to the next level.

Don’t just enter the motorcycle spare parts business – dominate it. Get “The Teeth Code” and accelerate your mastery of this lucrative industry today! All these for only #2000 naira only. Fill in your details below, make payment on the next page and you will get your eBook immediately and also in your email.

The Teeth Code

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