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Do you require large quantities of already assembled motorcycles at the cheapest rate possible? Let’s talk about it.

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We offer training opportunities for those looking to enter the Motorcycle spare parts business

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What can you learn from over 4 decades Experience in the Motorcycle Spare Parts Business?

What are the top motorcycle spare parts in demand? Do you know where you can learn the basics of the motorcycle spare parts business? Where will you get wholesale prices for motorcycle spare parts? Do you know where to get the best prices for motorcycle spare parts? Do you need to speak to experienced people about the motorcycle spare parts business in Nigeria and by extension, Africa? Welcome to the Funtua Group. With solid experience spanning over 4 (four) decades, come let us guide you by the hand with the help of data, experience, knowledge and latest market trends.

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Looking to learn the Spare Parts Business?

Have you been searching for the complete guide or how to learn the motorcycle spare parts business? Get our guide to the motorcycle parts business today!

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Get the best quality for any motorcycle spare parts you need.


You can trust our word always. It’s our unique selling point

Fair Prices

Quality is expensive. But we give the fairest prices.

Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

If I want to confirm correct price, I always come to Funtua Group. They give me the best price in the market.

Ha, Funtua Group does not lie on quality. If they say it is the original, it is the original. Their Yes is Yes!

Funtua helps me distribute my goods very well. They have a wide reach in Western Nigeria and beyond and I like doing business with them.

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