Are you looking to build partnership with a trusted motorcycle spare parts dealer? The Funtua Group has built in integrity for over 4 decades in our dealings. Altogether, these 4 decades is a testament to the relationships we have built with integrity over time.

What Can Funtua Group offer you in terms of Partnerships?

Over time, Chinese, Indian and companies from different countries try to look for trusted partners in the motorcycle spare parts business. Occasionally, they find a partner but are unable to do business with the partner. Usually, it is because the partner cannot offer the resources and the skills the Funtua Group brings to bear in areas such as Sales, Market Penetration, Distribution Network, Training and the After Sales Services we offer.

Undoubtedly, the ability to match up in the aforementioned skills is not as easy as people would expect. But then, that is significantly the skills the Funtua Group brings to bear in the Motorcycle Spare Parts Industry. That is what you gain from a partnership with the Funtua Group.

Firstly, when such companies approach us, we have a sit down (mostly virtual) to discuss mutual benefits. At this point, if we agree on mutually beneficial processes, then we open up our wealth of experience and our channels of distribution to them.

By and large, a few foreign companies have worked with us. We have also had dealings with representatives of both foreign and national companies reach out to partner with us. There is a lot to be gained when working with the Funtua Group especially for motorcycle spare parts. At any rate, when companies reach out to us and we agree on mutually beneficial processes, they get to commend us right after.

It’s been 4 decades plus in the business. If you are a Chinese Supplier, or an Indian Supplier, and you are looking to bring in quality motorcycle spare parts into Nigeria and use a local marketing team to maximize distribution, then you should be talking to us.

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