About Us

We are the Funtua Group

Providing you the best motorcycle or okada spare parts.

At Funtua Group, the biggest problem we help motorcycle or okada riders solve, is how to get the best prices for their choice spare parts. The end user needs to know what products they should get and the best price they can get it for. The rider needs to know the best product that fits the financial budget, and get value for money.

We also focus on retailers who are looking to buy and resell motorcycle spare parts. We want to help guide them the same way we guide over a hundred (100) returning retailers who can always vouch for the products we sell to them. We always offer our recommendation to these retailers and the beauty of it is that, they always come back grateful asking for more.


We plan on being the first and most reliable motorcycle spare parts hub in Nigeria, West Africa and Africa where customers can confidently be rest assured of getting value for their money.


We prioritize customer satisfaction over every other thing by aligning our beliefs and core values to our customers’. We are customer-centric and we hold on to our integrity.

The Funtua Group started about 4 decades ago in the little town of Funtua by an astute Igbo businessman of Anambra descent. He started small and scaled up the business right from Funtua – hence the name. Then at some point relocated to Western Nigeria-Ibadan from where he continued to scale the business. The Igbo apprentice system is also one he committed himself to and as of date, has over 12 persons he has settled who are doing extremely well in their chosen trade sector.

The Funtua group is looking to scale her network and reach. So, if your needs as an end user are authentic and OEM motorcycle spare parts, you should come to us. If you are looking for the Okada spare parts dealer you can recommend to your friends, you should talk to us. You have a contract to deliver a number of motorcycles or okadas, come to us. You have a contract to deliver a huge quantity of okadas or motorcycles and you need some after sales maintenance or ideas on what else you can offer, come to us. For everything related to motorcycles, come talk to us. We will find the best solution for you.

Our key selling point for over 40 years has been our Integrity. It has brought us this far and kept us this long, now is not the time for us to discard it. We deal with the biggest motorcycle spare parts importers and our acceptance of their products is a huge approval they usually long for. Simply stop your doubts and reach out to us today and see what we will offer.


 No 2, Olushola Complex, NW 3/6, Idikan street, Feleye, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria


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