Market Penetration

Do you have a market penetration plan for your business? Is there a new motorcycle spare part that needs to enter the market place? Do you have a Go To Market strategy for your new product? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, gear up and speak to Funtua Group about it.

Why talk to Funtua Group about Market Penetration?

The Funtua Group is backed by over four decades of experience in the motorcycle spare parts business. This is four decades of distilled experience. Four decades of market strategy. A compound knowledge of the market of a given area. Altogether distilled and available for use for any new market entrant. For any Chinese Manufacturer of motorcycle spare parts or any Indian manufacturer, before making goods for the African market or for the Nigerian market, talk to Us. A conversation or consultation with Funtua Group is the first step in the right direction for you.

When we talk about motorcycle spare parts market penetration, most manufacturers forget that the dynamics for each location differs. As a result of this, they produce goods and suddenly don’t have a market for it in that area. These are things the Funtua Group will help fix.

How does the Funtua Group manage Market Penetration?

What items are in high demand? You can learn that from our data that has been kept for over 30 months running now. How far and how wide can a new product be distributed? Distribution of new parts reaches way beyond the borders of Nigeria. With loyal retailers well positioned in different areas in the country, the penetration becomes way easier. As has been noted, what stands the Funtua Group out for market penetration is the use of data. Our second strong point is our distribution network. Armed with both qualities, ensuring the speedy sales of your item becomes a breeze.

To get started with your market penetration needs, talk to us.


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