Come and have a consultation with us on motorcycle spare parts retailing and more. Let’s discuss and understand what you need and help you achieve that and more. We will guide you on all the motorcycle spare parts consultation you need.

One of the first things people for people trying to enter the motorcycle parts business is the question of profitability. How profitable is the motorcycle spare parts business? There are many simple ways to answer this question. However, let us use this simple analogy. You understand fairly well what wear and tear means. You also understand that it happens all around us to even the simple things. This covers your wears, the things you use once a week or so. Now imagine what it does to machines. Understand that it would need for these machines to have part replacements. And this is even for machines that are used like once a day. Your average okada person uses the bike for the whole day. The motorcycle would always need replacement parts.

The important question is – are you the one supplying the most in demand parts to over a thousand okada persons in your city? Your local okada rider with the motorcycle would not leave that city to get replacement parts in another city. They would get it in that same city. Are you the main supplier in that city or town? Even those that are minor retailers make huge profits, talk more the main supplier.

We sincerely hope this question answers what you need to know on whether the motorcycle spare parts business is profitable.

These, and many more questions like these are questions we are available to help you answer at Funtua Group.

Motorcycle Spare Parts Consultation for Data Companies or for Research purposes

Are you a foreign company looking to understand the spread of the motorcycle spare parts industry, speak to us about your needs. The Funtua Group can help you with better insight to understanding the motorcycle spare parts market in Africa. We have been using inventory apps to keep data and glean insight off the data. You can easily know what spare part is best for you to use as a market entry product if you consult with us.

Motorcycle Spare Parts Consultation for Contract Supply Purposes

As a general contractor, you suddenly have on your table a deal that involves supply of either fully motorcycles for a project or just replacement parts for some motorcycles. Talk to us let us do the sourcing of motorcycle spare parts for you. You can easily subcontract the project to us without hurting your margins. This is because, at the Funtua Group, we will source for your choice demands at the source thus reducing all the multiple margins retailers add to it.

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