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How To Start A Motorcycle Spare Parts Business

how to start a motorcycle spare parts business

The Only Reason you are not yet in the Motorcycle Spare Parts Business is because you don’t know where to start from.

Especially if you want a business that will make you very rich without all the noise and paparazzi. People will see you doing buying and selling. But you are a very smart person. You know this is a sure business that will keep you ahead of poverty and the inflation in the country.

Then, you ask if there is money in the business

The only reason you don’t see how much money flows in the motorcycle spare parts business is because you are outside. You are not inside. You don’t see the numbers. You don’t have the figures. You are like the person who goes to the food place to buy food. You just buy your food, pay and go. You forget that for that food to get to your table, there is a farmer complaining that no matter how much they produce in the farm, they still cannot meet up with supply. Now think of the same thing with motorcycle spare parts. You get to a junction or to the road, hundreds of motorcycles go past before you select the one that will take you from point A to B. What you don’t know, is that for these motorcycles to run daily, there are some parts they change almost every week. Listen, demand is sometimes so high that we cannot fulfill demand. And like the food business, those in this business cash out very quietly. But again, you don’t know how to start and be like us.

Still don't believe the numbers?

See some screenshots of sales records from 2022, then decide for yourself.

In 2022, we sold 15,750 units of this item. And this item is not even an item with the highest demand in the market. Let us run the math. Even if you use profit of #100 to sell this item, you will have made 1,575,000 only from this one item. Our 2023 numbers for this item are even way better.

(the least amount of profit resellers like you can use to sell this is #200 which is #3,150,000 on one item alone!!!) This is pure profits alone. You will be shocked that after One month of starting this business, your bank will reach out to you to ask why there is so much transactions on your account. They will even assign you a private account manager. Even Banks know that retail is King of Cashflow.

The Motorcycle spare parts has over 70 hot selling items and this is the profit margin for this one. All together, there are over 500 items in the motorcycle spare parts catalog. There are even lots of  items with a margin of over #1000. But, you still don’t know how to start or where to start from!

Let us help you correct that!

Let us show you how to start easily. It’s been four years now since we started using social media to find more customers for our business. Over time, new people discovered our pages and after a while, we grouped all the questions newbies like you were asking us. We turned it into an eBook to make it easy for the next person – You – to start easily.

Of all the people we guided, they all joined the business and are now doing exceptionally well in the business. The only ones we could not monitor their growth, are the people far away from our physical location. But we guided them online and they found it easy to start.

Maybe you still need good reasons to start an offline business. Here are some reasons

This is why you should consider starting an offline business like the motorcycle spare parts business.

  • The Country is going through hard financial times
  • Relying on one source of income now is dangerous
  • Cashflow is King. Retail is the sure fastest route to making sure you always have Cashflow. Even Banks know this. Now you know this also.
  • Inflation is destroying your money every single day you keep it in the bank thinking of a good idea to start
  • If you do trade of any sort, you save your money against inflation. If you buy an item for #10 and the price goes up to #20, you will sell for #25 or #30 which means you make profit twice. Your money does not get destroyed by inflation and you still make a profit on the item.
  • There was a time people thought selling food was for uneducated people until educated people came in and changed the face of the business. Because with education, you will know how to do business better. Same thing for motorcycle spare parts. Most of our retailers text us via Whatsapp – University graduates who understand how to make money quietly.
  • You can easily start by the side even if you have a salaried job. This is something you can run on weekends, public holidays and when you get back from work. Listen, inflation is coming so bad, stay ahead of inflation

Have you noticed that it’s only salary workers that really complain about inflation? Traders will complain but they are making the money back because when the price goes up, their own prices go up to match it – the consumer pays for the inflation. But salary earners get the same amount at the end of the month

All you need to know to start the motorcycle spare parts business

These are the top questions people asked us - all answered in the eBook

Our Top Question is – How much is the smallest amount I can start with? 50 thousand?

Start motorcycle spare parts business with 50000 naira only

Because we need you to succeed, we added these in the eBook for you!

Before you even buy this life changing eBook, who are we and what qualifies us to sell you this eBook?

Who are we and why are we qualified to teach you this business?

The Funtua Group is a trusted second generation motorcycle spare parts Wholesale company. The name Funtua Group is on account of where the Founder had his first store. If you know anything about Motorcycle Spare Parts, you'll know it started in Nigeria from Nnewi, Anambra State. As Nnewi born traders, our Founder started first in Funtua, Katsina State. He became prosperous there, then moved down to Ibadan to continue there. As a Family business, you can find us in Ibadan with a total experience of over 40 years to guide you. One thing is this - You cannot go wrong with Nnewi people teaching you the business. We started the business in Nigeria. Who else will teach you better than the creators?

Funtua Group on Google

How much should we price this?

You already know we will sell this eBook for #3,000. What you don’t know, is why! The why is simple. If we say we want to help you, the best thing we can do is to help you  afford this book easily. Also, when you are ready to start, you most likely will buy from us especially if you are close to us. If our goal is to help you, there is no need to charge a huge amount like #30,000 to teach you the business. The eBook is worth that much but you can also add that amount of money to your starting Capital. See, we need you to succeed so we will leave it at #3000. This eBook is also being sold in Gabon, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Congo etc. Their prices are way different because they cannot buy goods from us. Yes, this business is big in Africa. You did not know this before but now you know. But, there’s a problem with the low price. 

First Mover Advantage – This advert is designed to show to people in certain regions in Nigeria. Which means if you delay on buying it TODAY, the next person by your side or the next street will buy it, learn of the best places to site the business, open a shop in that choice spot,  and start receiving the profits you should be receiving. Don’t EVER BE SECOND to buy. Buy it Now! 

You think this business is only in Nigeria? Read testimonials from people inside and outside Nigeria below. This 2024, NO GREE!!! 

This is why you should pay today! See Bonuses below!

Some of you will see this, instead of buying the book to claim the “30 mins – ask all you can”, and other bonuses, they will contact us to ask questions. Look at this, our main work in the market is to sell goods. We want to pick your calls but every minute, we have another customer calling us to write out their list for supply or for those who send lists on WhatsApp, we will have lots of items to supply in a short time frame. As much as we want to help you, help us also. Get the eBook first, sincerely, any question you want to ask that is not in the eBook, we will answer during your free 30 mins – ask all you want session. Please take a look at some of the market lists we get below. How will we have time to supply the items if we have to answer every call answering questions that are already answered in the eBook? Get the eBook! See sample market list of a Customer below

Motorcycle market list Funtua Group

You know, take these Bonuses, see what our Customers are saying about us and the book also!

We have these bonus items for you
Free 30 mins – ask all you want session (You will show us proof of payment) Call and ask any other questions you need answers to.
Free eBook list of all Motorcycle Spare Parts to help you get started.
– Free access to updated editions of this eBook
– Access to our resources, expertise and technical know-how.
– Life long access to asking us questions about the business and getting price updates as fast as possible
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