As Contractors, do you need motorcycle spare parts or complete motorcycles? Do you need large quantities of already assembled motorcycles or Okadas at the cheapest rate possible? Let’s talk about it.

Are you a Contractor and You need Motorcycles or related Motorcycle Services? Let’s Talk about it

The Funtua Group is here to help you navigate the terrain with recommending the best motorcycles to buy, and we can make the process of purchasing, assembling and designing the motorcycles to fit whatever purpose you need the motorcycles for. So, reach out to Funtua Group and let us get you well assembled okadas for your empowerment projects. Rest assured the motorcycles will be well branded as you want them to be. Contact us now. Click here!

Basically, we understand that being in the motorcycle business gives us an edge others do not have. Also, we understand that Contractors always want to get the best deals possible. This is why we promise the best rates for contractors looking to work with us. As a contractor, you can reach out to us for supplies of a complete new motorcycle. Also, reach out to us for brand new motorcycles. We will provide that too at the best rates ever. Accordingly, if the service needed is the supply of specific parts, we would be quite interested in helping with that.

Sourcing of Spare Parts for Specific Motorcycles in Nigeria

Asides Contractors, we also would love to work with Procurement Managers of bike hailing companies or logistics companies. However, there are some modalities to ensure both parties are satisfied with the results they get. Bike hailing companies in Nigeria do not use the same components as normal motorcycles in Nigeria. At Funtua Group, we understand that very well and we still know that at any rate, what we have to do is help source these specific parts for them. The sourcing is easy. We will sort out the logistics and distribution if need be.


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