After sales services

At Funtua Group, we don’t just sell you the motorcycle spare parts in high demands. We also ensure that we provide After Sales Services to our esteemed clients.

Types of After Sales Services at Funtua Group

We provide updates on new market entrants. New products come out every other month. Either a new product or a new brand. Because of our extended market placement and partnership, Funtua Group always has access to these new market items and we always get the items available for distribution. This also helps ensure that we keep our supply chain updated on the latest in the industry.

We also provide price updates to our customers. One of the fastest ways to know what prices are changing is to add us on our Whatsapp platform by clicking on this link. Click here. To ensure you have access to our status updates, save our contact on your device as Funtua Group. Once we get your message, we will save your contact with your name once you provide it to us. Your name and location.

Business is majorly about updates even more than sales. Knowing what item is going out of stock makes it easier for you to know what to quickly buy up. That is another service we offer you with our after sales services at Funtua Group – your top motorcycle spare parts dealer in Nigeria.

Are you a sales Rep looking to promote your brand through us? Or are we helping you promote your brand in the marketplace? Rest assured we will provide you with updates on what the market thinks about your products. We will also ensure you stay in the loop with what’s the current market demand so you can know how to tap into it.

Our After Sales Services for Companies working with Funtua Group

Are you a Company in the motorcycle spare parts industry we are working with to ensure market penetration of your items? You will get feedback from us as to how well your product is performing. Are there complaints? We will keep you updated also.

Finally, again to our retailers, we also provide useful materials for them to grow their business because we understand at Funtua Group that the success of our retailers translates to the success we can get at Funtua Group.


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