How to choose the best tire for your Motorcycle or Okada.

Okada tire front

One of the first things that would require your attention with your motorcycle would be your tires or the tube in your tire. Sometimes we even get asked by people if we think the tires of a motorcycle are more important than the engine. The truth is, both are quite important and we will not sacrifice one for the other. Both help in making sure the motorcycle or okada operates at a maximum level. Here, we will look at the things you should note about your tires. This will help you understand them more and if you need to change your tires, you will have a pretty good idea of what is needed.

Choosing your okada/motorcycle tire

Motorcycle tire
Types of Okada tires

Differentiate between front and back/rear tire.

Unlike most vehicles, the motorcycle is one that has specific position for the bike. This applies to most models of motorcycles used as Okadas in Nigeria. So, the front tire is quite different from the rear tire, usually referred to as back tire. The location and placement of each tire helps perform a certain function. So, the rear tire carries a lot of the accelerating power and the front tire packs more of the braking power. Then the front tire handles a lot of the movement for the motorcycle which is why it is engineered the way it is. The back tires carry a lot of weight especially for the Okada – the commercial motorcycle so it needs more strength factored in its engineering.

Tread style

Motorcycle tread styles
Motorcycle tread styles

The second important thing you should check are the treads of the tires you want to get. In the previous paragraph, we just explained that the rear tire carries a lot of the weight on the motorcycle so it is usually stronger and more attention is placed on it as against the front tire. This means that if you want to check for tread styles, your focus would be on the rear tire. Most Okada front tires have the same tire tread style with only a few differences. The rear tire has many descriptive versions. You may hear extra names like motor teeth, normal teeth, caterpillar teeth etc when you ask your favorite Okada spare parts dealer for the one you should take. Note that the difference in names and tread style affects the possible grip of the motorcycle. The grip, the ability to function in both rainy and dry season are all things you consider before choosing a tire.

Tire material

Motorcycle tire material
Motorcycle tire material

The tire material is usually not a complex part when you’re looking to choose the optimal tire for your Okada. The material determines how well the tires grip the road in different weathers. So, some materials are usually great for all seasons while some specifically work better in rainy season. Be rest assured that tires have a standard they comply with here in Nigeria. However, due to manufacturer’s preferences, you could either have two types of tires – it is either a low-grade material or a high-grade material. Need help choosing the best tire for your Okada? Talk to us.

Which tire is best for motorcycle?

The best tires for your motorcycle is determined by what you use your motorcycle for. For commercial use, get a strong brand of Motorteeth. For private use, the Bajaj teeth design from a strong Brand is highly recommended.

What is the longest lasting motorcycle tire?

The longest lasting tire for a motorcycle or okada depends largely on how great the terrain is. For good roads, the Motorteeth or Two Line is the best tire ever. For not so great terrains, the caterpillar teeth is very great for rough terrains.

What's the difference between a motorcycle tire and a car tire?

There are a lot of differences between a car tire and a motorcycle or okada tire. The first and most important distinction is the size of the tires. Then the treading of the tire comes into play. After this, we have the wheels or rim these tires can work with etc.

Can you put any tire on a motorcycle?

No. You cannot just use any tire on a motorcycle. Specific motorcycles use specific types of tires. Some people are able to work different tires from what the motorcycle or okada should use but it damages it faster. This is because changing the tire also means you change the wheels, the hub and a lot more.

Which tires last longest?

The best tires you can buy in West Africa that lasts the longest depends on the terrain you ride in. It also depends on the available brands you can select from in your location. However, if you are in a good location with good roads, your best bet for a motorcycle tire is the Motorteeth or Two-line as it’s called.

What is the average life of motorcycle tires?

For tires that are sold in Nigeria and used on commercial motorcycles like the Bajaj, TVS, Honda etc, the average lifespan of the tire is 4 months. However, for these same motorcycles used privately, the average lifespan is about 6 months. Even these depends on the brand of motorcycle tire used.

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