Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read These Before You Talk To The Funtua Group

Perhaps the most perplexing question for anyone looking for the best suppliers of genuine O.E.M and high-quality spare parts for your okada and popular motorcycles brands is how to get started. That's great. Here at The Funtua Group, we will answer a lot of those questions and help you get started.

Do you supply Okadas in huge quantities?

For those have a contract to supply huge quantities of motorcycles, we ensure we take the whole burden of choosing the best okadas for you, branding the motorcycle, adding some special tweak to the contract to favor the final owner with top spare part replacements and servicing. Reach out to us via and

I am new in the Okada business, can you guide me?

Most times, we have people who sell other things but are looking to make extra money by selling okada spare parts because of high demand. Such people usually need guidance and we do the best to offer them proper guidance on what products they should buy and what products the end user prefers.

Do you sell to Countries outside Nigeria?

Our goal, is to spread our tentacles the whole length of the West African market so yes, we can get the goods across to you in any West African country. We are looking to partner with you outside Nigeria so do well to reach us.

What type of Okada spare parts do you offer?

We offer top notch quality spare parts to those who want them. However, we also make sure we have something for everyone depending on their budget. But, we ensure you get the best recommendation ever.

How can we become Okada spare parts resellers?

The okada industry is a booming industry in Nigeria and certain parts of West Africa at the moment. This means a lot of opportunities abound for those interested. Reach out to us via these numbers – +234 805 7068 072 or +234 903 5420 436.

How do we partner with Funtua Group?

For those who are looking to introduce a revolutionary spare part component into Nigeria or West Africa as a whole, we recommend you reach out to us using either or and share your product details with us.